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Alta Perfecto Training & Consulting was established in 2015 by a trade finance banker who gained hands-on 15+ years experiences as product manager and business development manager, from various type of banks (local, state-owned bank and global bank) and from two different market region of South East Asia and Middle East.

Our initial core expertise are trade finance, supply chain finance (reverse factoring), structured trade solution, receivables financing (factoring), guarantee, FI trade loan, trade risk participation & distribution but we are expanding to wholesale banking topics such as credit & lending, corporate credit analysis, payment & cash management, industry specific lending, FX & treasury.

Few of our best-seller & one of a kind training topics such as :

  1. Pengembangan & Peningkatan Bisnis Korporasi & Komersial melalui Solusi Wholesale Transaction Banking

  2. How to calculate & structure trade finance facility

  3. Growing & winning trade finance business

  4. Trade finance & risk management

  5. Building trade ecosystem to grow the bank's business safely & sustainably

  6. FI trade loan, trade risk participation & distribution

  7. Intermediate supply chain finance and without recourse receivable financing

  8. Banking with EPC companies

  9. Banking with textile & garment companies

  10. Banking with telecommunication, media & technology companies

  11. Banking with oil & gas and mining companies

  12. Fundamental of trade finance : payment methods, trade cycle and working capital requirement

  13. Mastering bank guarantee : fundamentals, mechanics & structuring facility

  14. Mastering demand guarantee : fundamentals, mechanics & structuring facility

  15. Mastering standby letter of credit: fundamentals, mechanics & structuring facility

  16. Mastering cash management & consultative selling skill

  17. Intermediate Cash Management

  18. Corporate Finance : Project Finance, Structured Finance, LBO, M&A

  19. Fundamentals of Syndicated Loan 

  20. Working Capital Advisory 

  21. Fundamentals of Leverage & Acquisition Financing 

We provide online realtime training via Zoom, pre-recorded online training via Udemy & Teachable (soon to be published) and classroom training. We conduct our public training all year round regularly and able to arrange in-house training with specific and tailor-made topics to suit your needs.


To be the leading training & consulting company in wholesale banking areas locally & globally


To deliver the best class room, real-time online training, pre-recorded online learning where participants will gain practical knowledge and able to improve their skill


1. Integrity

2. Customer focus 

3. Quality & Excellence

4. Continuous Improvement


1. To exceed 1,000 participants from class room & online training every year

2. To reach 1,000 participant from pre-recorded online learning every year


Taufik Ardi

Founder, Lead Trainer & Consultant for Trade Finance 

Taufik Ardi is the founder, lead trainer & consultant of Alta Perfecto Training & Consulting. He has extensive 15+ years of hands-on experience from various type of banks (local, state owned and also foreign) all of them are in the business of trade finance. He gained technical, strategic and leadership capabilities as a Trade Product & Business Development Manager. Within the last 8+ years of his career he worked with HSBC in different market regions including South-East Asia (Indonesia) & Middle East (Qatar). 

He is very well versed in trade finance, supply chain finance & receivables financing (structured trade solution), commodity trade finance, standby LC & guarantees, export & import forfaiting, FI trade loan, trade risk participation and distribution topics. He has a vast range of experience which includes  revamping & launching new products, establishing cooperation with insurance companies, reengineering business & operational processes, leading new initiatives & projects with the purpose of growing the banks business in a safe and sustainable way. With such experience it is expected that Alta Perfecto participants will be enriched with  applicable/ practical and comprehensive knowledge.

Taufik is currently preparing Alta Perfecto for international growth, establishing an association of Banker & Treasurer in Indonesia & planning for another start-up which focus on python for ML, AI & automation to grow business, reduce cost & increase efficiency in banking industry.


Syahrialdi Sikar

Lead Trainer & Consultant for Payment & Cash Management

Syahrialdi Sikar (Aldi) has impressive of 13+ years of hands-on experience from HSBC and Standard Chartered Indonesia where his spent most of his career in transaction banking. His past roles includes handling high value clients, where he deliver cash management, supply chain and trade finance solutions for state owned enterprises, multinationals companies, medium enterprises and insurance companies.

He  has led multiple cash management Request for Proposal (RFP) processes and provided extensive consultation services for client in transforming their cash management and supply chain finance structure. Aldi was also the team leader for three relationship management segments which gave him the ability to integrate cash management solution to relationship managers' revenue and liabilities target across different industries and areas.

Having taken the role as business planning manager,  Aldi worked directly with the CEO in developing strategy and driving country agenda while overseeing process efficiency initiatives and cross function collaboration. This unique experience has allowed Aldi to understand the driving factor for management's goals and how solutions can be aligned to help achieve these targets. He believes that a consultative approach to solutioning leads to sustainable growth and stronger relationship between client and bank.

Aldi is currently building Mentor Inc., a mentoring platform that accelerate knowledge sharing for individuals and institutions.


Armandi Oesman

Lead Trainer & Consultant for Wholesale Banking

​Armandi Oesman was a frontline banker with 15+ years solid experience. His extensive credit and lending skills obtained from his working experiences throughout Asia (Indonesia & Thailand), Europe (UK) and Middle East (Oman). His career started as management trainee in HSBC Indonesia and since then he worked his way in corporate banking world.

He is highly passionate in helping clients achieve their objectives, where he always believed in the importance of being a trusted advisor who provides world-class advice for them. His ability to nurture relationship with clients & stakeholder combined with his strong technical skills around corporate finance, debt structuring and advisory, enable him to tailor-make solutions for different customer needs and grow the business on all his roles in different countries.

Together with Aldi, Arman is currently building Mentor Inc., a mentoring platform that accelerate knowledge sharing for individuals and institutions.

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